Copyrights and GPL

From: Marty Schrader <marty_at_parsecsystemsinc_dot_com>
Date: Sat Apr 30 2005 - 11:15:40 CDT

Here's another topic that has been done to death, no doubt: if we are going to
use the GNU GPL and the EVMPL extension, why do we need other copyrights?

Jamboi said:

> Well when it comes to actually contributing code OVC legal must have
> every code contributor sign a copywrite release and whatever
> non-disclosure we need to prevent as much as possible the DRE Cartel
> from coming after us.

Arthur Keller said:

> ...In addition, there is the issue of copyright.

I personally like the Open Software License, but there may be problems with it
in our application. I see no such problems with the EVMPL. Doesn't that cover it
pretty well?

Okay, now there is the issue of proprietary technology, as discussed in the OVC
bylaws, Section 2.9, "Rights in Intellectual Property and Security of
Information." This section mentions "the license rights which Members and
non-Members may be entitled to in Technology, and the fees (if any) which the
Consortium may charge Members and non-Members for access to such Technology" in
a context that I find somewhat disturbing. How can we square the use of the GPL
if the Consortium wants to hang on to proprietary rights in the electronics?

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