Sunday's May Day SV OVC Tek Pow Wow: Agenda, Time, Place & Target Audience

From: JamBoi <jamboi_at_yahoo_dot_com>
Date: Sat Apr 30 2005 - 10:32:41 CDT

May Day SV OVC Tek Pow Wow
Purpose: Meet in person, introduce key players, learn history and
status of projects, propose innovations, create schedule for
Requirements Docs (and Specs and EVM project if time).

Host Group: SV OVC
Meeting Chair: JamBoi
1) Introduce ourselves around the table, one by one: 15-minutes
2) Listen to Alan, Arthur, David and other OVC leaders bring everyone
up to speed with a history and status of the three projects.
 A) EVM : 20 minutes
 B) Scanner: 10
 B) Tabulator : 10 minutes
3) SV OVC Leaders Kelly Johnson and Jack Thorworth to make proposal
regarding "Open Data" to allow full auditability of election: 10
4) SV OVC leaders Kelly Johnson and Jack Thorworth to make proposal
regarding digital security features to allow chain-of-custody evidence
and vote confirmability. : 10 minutes
5) SV OVC leaders Kelly Johnson and Jack Thorworth to make proposal
regarding live connection b/n EVM and Scanner to immediately alert Poll
Workers to errors and allow voter opportunity for correction before
leaving the polling place. : 10 minutes
6) Creation of Tech Requirements Documentation Schedule
(If time/desire allows
7) Creation of Specs Documentation Schedule
8) Creation of Project Schedule))

9) (mandatory!): Congratulate ourselves for progress accomplished. ;-)

Time: Sunday, May 1, 2pm
Place: San Jose's MLK Library at 4th and San Fernando, Room 326 (or L04
-- Lower Level Study room if it seems appropriate to move there -- a
note would be left on 326 if so)
Target Audience: the OVC Developers who've been most involved in the
design and coding thus far. The room is small so we need a tightly
focused session.


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