Harassment, threats, cracking attacks, and my ID

From: Marty Schrader <marty_at_parsecsystemsinc_dot_com>
Date: Fri Apr 29 2005 - 18:07:26 CDT

JamBoi said:

> ...however the level of
> harassment, threats, cracking attacks, etc. on me since I became
> active in researching Fraud '04 have forced me to be very
> circumspect in who, when and where I reveal myself to. So I'll
> continue to use my handle (or nom de keyboard :-) ). If I had the
> public profile that most of you do I probably wouldn't need to do
> this and maybe later I won't need to but for now.. it JamBoi to
> all. ;-0

Yeah, well, I let my personal site speak for me. Visitors are greeted with this
pleasant sight:


and that usually puts paid to that.

In the long run, however, I feel the need to establish my bona fides outweighs
my need to avoid harassment, threats (as if anybody would be stupid enough to
issue some after seeing my site), and cracking attacks. People don't feel a need
to go after me anyway, since I am straight with them. Even if we violently
disagree we can do so cordially. You can call me an idiot by using my real name.

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