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From: JamBoi <jamboi_at_yahoo_dot_com>
Date: Thu Apr 28 2005 - 14:57:37 CDT

Note this conversation has included Clinton Curtis and Kathy Dopp:

For more on this please see Rodney's blog at
http://rigged-aggregators.blogspot.com, especially the posts from April
18th and just before.


--- Rodney Sax <code_breaker_z@yahoo.com> wrote:

> Kathy,
> Thanks so much for your most needed input. I think the optimum
> problem that needs to be addressed, is the actual channels of
> aggregation used in the central tabulators.
> If that can be audited per Landshark's written lawsuit, we have the
> first hard irrefutable evidence of election fraud. One of the
> mainstay problems in the partisan vote counting, is states are
> bending existing laws and also in many instances crossing into
> illegal territory in order to cover up the fact deceased voters are
> counted in the election results.
> By weighing it in having happened and been culpable in both 2000 and
> 2004 elections, we can now see how this large scale type of operation
> is really going on. It stems from actual corrupt auditing processes
> and pre-programmed databases (aggregators) which are no doubt
> displaying a significant deliberate bias. In the way that I have
> someone writing up an explanation, it basically allows the BOE member
> full control over an election.
> This is an improper and unfounded governmental ruling, which allows
> total corruption because only the supervisor of elections is now
> allowed to run the aggregator and thus whatever form of voter
> registries whether cancelled, deceased, or sometimes just plain
> double voted. IE: A GOP staffer has registered in multiple places;
> their "election vote" is counted across the map and so inflating the
> fraud even further.
> Because of the lack of transparency, corrupt BOE's have been allowed
> to overflood the process. In order to penalize this and hopefully
> uncover Clint Curtis's software once and for all, we must do a
> fullscale audit of the tabulator system pulling and parsing the
> voters. Every single system is automated, so it also can display its
> results by live feed on television and via website. This is another
> reason Votergate can go off without a hitch, everything is
> interconnected using Momento-lite XML code which allows thousands of
> processes at once. This also becomes the exscuse for any hackers who
> were involved, because they can then say any computer can not do more
> than two things at once, and it resulted in the numbers switching
> because of a glitch. Which is a bold faced lie, any operating system
> uses the task-relay just like a normal PC and in the end a vote
> tabulator is just that: You can't cause a "significant fluke" unless
> you are doing it on purpose.
> We should have no need for XML related code anywhere near these vote
> tabulators, because its widely admissable to corruption. Other forms
> of code that should be suggested, are open-source AS assembly type
> code or other simpler compiler languages. Whenever you run with
> something Microsoft-Access applicable, you run a whole insecure
> operation asking for tampering. XML is far too Microsoft-Access
> dependant.
[non-technical research stuff snipped]
> -Rodney N.

> Date: Thu, 21 Apr 2005 15:51:44 -0700 (PDT)
> From: Rodney Sax <code_breaker_z@yahoo.com>
> Subject: Re: [Fwd: Re: I have information on an important subject.]

> Kathy, I think you may be more than interested in the update then
> that is going up today.
> I have uncovered evidence of both the FDLE and Agriculture
> departments; writing into regulation a series of laws which would
> allow automated aggregation of voters in order to "prevent" voter
> fraud.
> The catch 22 that Jeb Bush was absolutely adamant about, is that
> using actual laws from 1996 and before the state department has been
> allowed to keep deceased voters and those no longer registered on the
> lists; and use them for whatever whim they choose!
> I found it in archived folders on the secret locations of the State
> Department's website, and there is for certain more where that came
> from on every State Department's database in the USA.
[snipped rest of non-technical research]
> -Rodney N.


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