Re: Need for smaller message list groups or boards

From: JamBoi <jamboi_at_yahoo_dot_com>
Date: Thu Apr 28 2005 - 14:20:51 CDT

We already have an OVC Technical Discussion list. I propose we start
using it. ;-)


--- Marty Schrader <> wrote:
> Folks, I can't keep up with this list. There are over 200 OVC
> messages from
> April in my inbox that I haven't had a chance to examine yet. I want
> to read
> everything carefully so that I am up to date with what other people
> are thinking
> and also to know what issues have already been adequately addressed.
> Perhaps
> ovc-disuss can be split into smaller lists or the entire discussion
> moved over
> to the discussion board on SourceForge.
> I propose that we split up the discussion to follow the major
> components of the
> EVM: Operations, Software, and Hardware. Each of these components can
> have their
> own main area on the discussion board with sub-boards for particular
> issues,
> such as off-the-shelf vs embedded systems under Electronics.
> Please, let's try to focus here so that we don't get bogged down in
> tons of
> email. I have a life, you know.
> --
> Marty Schrader
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