Real advantage of EVMPL over GPL?

From: Marty Schrader <marty_at_parsecsystemsinc_dot_com>
Date: Thu Apr 28 2005 - 11:42:33 CDT

OVC says,

"After discussion on the mailing list, the EVM2003 project agreed that source
files should be licensed under a modified GPL. We have sought FSF guidance and
approval for our license, the EVMPL (v.1).

"The EVMPL is identical to the GPL, with the exception of the following
additional clause:

"Copies of all or any part of this code may be used freely in non-voting
applications. Copies of all or part of this code may not be used in voting
applications unless the entire revision history relevant to the code in question
is retained and additions are made to reflect any and all revisions to that part
of the code that is copied.

"The purpose of this additional clause is to assure that the special audit
requirements for voting machine certification are met (or at least meet-able) by
revisions to EVM."

I'm sure this question has been thrashed to death in previous discussions, but
can someone explain how this additional restriction actually adds any measure of
"security" to the source of the original GPLed code?

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