Re: Results of last night's SV OVC meeting (was Re: [OVC-discuss] A small measure of strong support for Open Source Elex Software)

From: Arthur Keller <voting_at_kellers_dot_org>
Date: Thu Apr 28 2005 - 10:57:15 CDT

At 7:54 AM -0700 4/28/05, JamBoi wrote:
>In our SV OVC Tek meeting last night we:
>1) Agreed that the project(s) could take place much more rapidly if
>done by non-volunteer effort. In fact FROM THE TIME THE REQUIREMENTS
>WERE COMPLETED (we've been unable to locate a Requirements document let
>alone Specs or Open Standards documentation) A SYSTEM COULD
>REALISTICALLY BE COMPLETED IN 6 MONTHS. That is assuming a small,
>funded team of professionals working full-time (or more than full-time
>as we do things in Silicon Valley ;-) ). From there maintenance and
>rev.s could be done by a larger volunteer effort as previously
>described. We had some ideas on funding such a project also.

The schedule should include the certification process, which could be
another 6 months.

>2) Agreed that a GPLed codebase could be used by many companies and
>entities on many platforms so as to cut down dramatically on the
>variables involved providing a "seal of approval"/certification.

That's part of the concept for shared OVC-approved software.

>3) Agreed that as Ron Crane pointed out, to really protect the system
>from cracking we need to be mindful of every single piece of software,
>firmware and hardware on the system and guard against sereptitious
>wireless connections. We agreed a system with no hard drive booting
>from a diskless system CDROM is the way to go.
>4) We talked briefly about how some researchers suspect XML/RSS
>"aggregation" feeds were used to crack the system on a massive scale
>this last time around and how we must guard against that.
>5) A pitch was made for Open Data in addition to Open Standards and
>Open Source software (more on this on Sunday's Tek Pow Wow we are

You have to be careful that data is not released early. Open Data
standards is what we're trying to do with the IEEE P1622 Standards

>6) A basic assessment of the project(s) status was taken resulting in
>many more questions than answers.
>7) Agreed that the first order of business as with all such projects is
>to produce a Requirements document. We would hope for a schedule for
>the completion of such document to emerge from discussion here on this
>list (or maybe better on the OVC Technical Discussion list) and the
>meeting on Sunday.

That's an excellent thing to produce. There have been various
discussions about creating one, but no formal document yet exists.

>8) Agreed that there were many positive reasons to lean towards a Java
>cross platform solution. Spoke about the positive aspects of python
>and wxWorks also.
>9) Discussed and debated how to maintain a Secret Ballot but still
>allow for cross checking and error catching and correction between the
>EVM and (what I'll call for lack of knowledge of the OVC terminology)
>Scanning Station.
>10) Agreed on a basic system vision/proposal (more on this in Sunday's
>Tek Pow Wow).
>To answer the earlier question, re: SV OVC Tek leadership people,
>please come to the Sunday Tek Pow Wow meeting we are hosting and we
>will introduce our leadership team "in person" (or if you are on the
>conference call I guess it'll have to be "in audio" :-) ). Suffice it
>to say we have years and years experience between us of work at IBM,
>HP, Apple and Sun (not to mention independent Open Source development).
> We have expertise on Project Management, Data Security (directly from
>the financial industry), Public/Private Key Security systems (extremely
>useful for tracking chain-of-control as well as vote confirmability),
>the Java platform (among many others), Database Technology (including a
>patent holder), Smart Card Technology, Open Source Development,
>Vertical Market Development, Conformance Testing and Certification
>Process Creation, Industry Standards Body work, Government Systems
>Marketing, Sales, etc., etc., etc. I'm confident you'll be as
>impressed as I am with the leadership team we've assembled.

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