Re: Possible OVC "sub project"?

From: Jim March <jmarch_at_prodigy_dot_net>
Date: Thu Apr 28 2005 - 00:59:09 CDT

Joseph Lorenzo Hall wrote:

>On 4/27/05, Ron Crane <> wrote:
>>A conformance test suite, though sufficient for many purposes, would
>>not be so for voting systems. The standards would have also to include
>>requirements on the development process and the openness of both
>>software and hardware to complete inspection. Black-box testing cannot
>>reveal even the most rudimentary Trojan Horses/trapdoors, and more
>>advanced ones can be hidden in hardware, even inside FPGAs and ASICs
>>that ostensibly (or actually) perform other legitimate functions.
>>Anyone want a TrojanVideo 9900 chipset? I'll build it if you'll buy it
>This is really interesting from another level... do we know of any
>vendors that manufacture their own chipsets? If so, any
>legislation/regulation that calls for public/open/etc. source code
>should also have some sort of open hardware requirement. There is
>already one regulation here in CA that mandates open source software
>for a subsystem of DRE voting machines (I can cite if you want... but
>have so many times on this list that you can probably easily find

I would worry more about BIOS firmware and other on-board EEPROMS.
*Way* easier to hack. *All* of the major vendor DREs use customized ROMs.

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