Re: Possible OVC "sub project"?

From: JamBoi <jamboi_at_yahoo_dot_com>
Date: Wed Apr 27 2005 - 16:34:34 CDT

Well if OVC wants to pay the SV OVC crew I'm sure we can find it in our
hearts to accept it. ;-) Elsewise we'll go on and develop the software
anyway with the help of the many Open Source developers who are
snapping at the bit to be part of saving America. We have no lack of
and we have plenty of expertise in how to accomplish this work. We at
SV OVC are meeting this evening to work out agenda items for our May
1st 2pm Tek Pow Wow. Hope you can make it to our Tek Pow Wow!

--- Arthur Keller <> wrote:
> The EVM2003 project was strictly a demonstration system. It was done
> by a limited number of interested volunteers. Linux and Apache are
> used daily by millions of people worldwide, so there is more
> sustained interest in those projects. People encounter voting
> systems on the order of twice a year, so the pool of people with
> sustained interest is much smaller.
> Having a paid professional staff experienced in software development
> to lead the project is a good thing. That has not happened in the
> past in this project, and the project has suffered as a result. The
> project leaders need to devote a considerable amount of time to this
> effort, and need to be paid by someone for that time. The project
> leaders of Apache and Linux usually had enlightened employers who saw
> a direct benefit to their organizations from supporting that
> development. Such benefit is unlikely to accrue to the employers of
> developers and project leaders of voting software, except possibly
> from existing (or wannabee) voting system vendors.
> It is critical that software development adhere to a schedule and
> that the certification process be monitored and facilitated. That
> does not work with a strictly volunteer on-the-side effort.
> We are not in control of the certification process. While we can
> create our own acceptance and quality assurance tests, we cannot
> create the tests for certification. For better or worse, the
> Independent Testing Authorities and the individual states do federal
> and state certification, respectively. There is cost involved in
> submission for certification.
> I am all for the energy and enthusiasm brought on by the perceived
> failures of existing electronic voting systems. But even with that
> energy and enthusiasm, practically no software has been developed for
> the OVC in the last year. We need paid leadership to bring a system
> together over the next year.
> Best regards,
> Arthur
> At 9:20 AM -0700 4/27/05, JamBoi wrote:
> >
> >
> >Its pretty outdated. It seems that OVC has struggled to maintain
> >interest. After 11-2 I don't think we'll have any trouble getting
> >developers to help out. I think we just need to organize it and
> they
> >will come.
> >
> >JamBoi
> >
> >JamBoi
> >
> >"Live humbly, laugh often and love unconditionally" (anon)
> >
> At 12:30 AM -0700 4/27/05, JamBoi wrote:
> >My recommendation on all OVC projects undertaken is to us the Open
> >Source development models pioneered by the likes of Linux and
> Apache.
> >By using SourceForge or similar facilities we can have an open
> project
> >that is not done by one particular group (ie. UCSC) exclusively, but
> >rather has a small tek project leaders group that oversees all
> >check-ins. No cruddy code is accepted by the project leaders, but
> the
> >number of contributors can actually be quite numerous.
> >
> >Also once the Standards, Requirements and Specs documentation is
> done,
> >its quite possible and possibly quite advantageous to allow
> competing
> >groups to implement each in their own way. If these documents are
> >written properly and become Open Standards, then quite legitimately
> any
> >company or group can write applications that address the Open
> Standard.
> > We can create conformance tests that all these implementers must
> pass
> >in order to be certified! That is the way industry works Open
> >Standards these days.
> >
> >JamBoi
> >
> >--- Arthur Keller <> wrote:
> >
> >> That's certainly been my interest for a while. Let's go at it.
> I'm
> >> willing to lead an intensive (I don't like "crash") effort at
> UCSC to
> >>
> >> build it.
> >>
> >> Best regards,
> > > Arthur
> --
> Arthur M. Keller, Ph.D., 3881 Corina Way, Palo Alto, CA 94303-4507
> tel +1(650)424-0202, fax +1(650)424-0424


"Live humbly, laugh often and love unconditionally" (anon)

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