Re: New voting system - Comfidex Corp.'s VoteFiler

From: JamBoi <jamboi_at_yahoo_dot_com>
Date: Wed Apr 27 2005 - 11:39:34 CDT

If we create published Open Standards for E-Voting then we can have
affiliate member-companies who subscribe to those standards (we would
want to create a category of "membership" for that). We can create
conformance tests and only certify those programs that adhere to the
standards by passing the tests. We can thereby create a certification
"brand" that becomes highly sought after and thereby leads the industry
into Open Voting. That is the way we do it in the software industry.

More even than pounding out code I think creating such Open Standards

--- Kathy Dopp <> wrote:

> charlie strauss wrote:
> > Strange. their web site has no pictures of it, just drawings. Yet
> according to the PR
> >
> > it wone some FOSE award for design. Vapor design?
> Are you going to invite them to become OVC Consortium members?
> Are you going to sell them on the benefits of belonging to the OVC?
> Just a quick thought.
> Kathy
> >
> > they have a white paper on it. Many attributes are simlar to OVC.


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