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Date: Tue Apr 26 2005 - 19:33:28 CDT

One vital difference with flight control and elections is the nature of
flight control systems. Flight control system are what are called Real
Time (RT) systems with Real Time Operating Systems (RTOS). They must
be absolutely precise re: their timing. They are highly sophisticated
programs done frequently on a very low level of programming. Their
reliability is a matter of life and death. There are a few other
applications like medical, military and manufacturing that typically

There is absolutely no need for nanosecond precision on a voting or
tabulating machine. The software could theoretically be written in
extremely high level languages with little problem unless the
performance becomes so slow that the user interface is compromised.
That is really the only contraint as far as timing goes, so there is
absolutley no need for an RT election system. As a matter of fact,
because of the difficulty of maintaining such software there are many
reasons you would NOT want to design an RT election system!

This looks like an extremely ignorant argument to me. The only good
reason I can think of that someone who was knowledgable might make it
would be if they wanted to try to premptively disqualify Java or a
Java-like system from the running (since regular run of the mill Java
is not certifiable for RT systems although there are RT Java variants
out there). This might be done because Java is designed from the
ground up to not allow cracking the system. So if someone were wanting
to crack an election system they might not want a Java platform to be
used. Other than that it makes the person making the argument seem
quite out of touch IMO.



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