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From: Teresa Hommel <tahommel_at_earthlink_dot_net>
Date: Mon Apr 25 2005 - 23:20:59 CDT

Re financial transactions, there is a tracking number. In the case of
checks it is the bank number, account number, and check number. The
person gets a statement, which shows the check and the tracking
information (date, check number, amount). In case of an inquiry, the
bank's bookkeeping department can show the FBI each step of the
processing of the check.

Flight-control is not similar to transaction-capturing and -processing,
but voting is a transaction-capturing and -processing application. Why
did Shamos compare voting to flight-control? My assumption was that he
was using what he knew, and he had once worked with a flight-control
application. You don't need documentation to prove that flight control
systems are subject to rigorous pre-use procedures, because no one will
argue this point -- but they will argue that "so are voting systems."
You need to show that Shamos is comparing apples and oranges, because
transaction-capture is error prone and always audited 100% by a human
being -- every customer sooner or later personally views their
transaction data and finds out if their transaction data was wrongly
recorded or processed when they (1) get their statement (2) get their
bill (3) get the correct item they ordered or a wrong item that they
have to return (4) get the correct or wrong service visit from the cable
technician, telephone installer, plumber, repair person, etc etc.

Teresa Hommel

Ron Crane wrote:

> At Alan's request, I am writing a paper rebutting Prof. Shamos's
> recent paper that promotes DREs. I've got most of it in hand, but I
> need some help on three issues. Two of them should be easy for someone
> who knows, and one will require some work. I need all these by
> Thursday if possible. Here they are:
> 1. A few reliable cites for the proposition that flight-control
> software is subject to rigorous specification, implementation, review,
> and testing procedures.
> 2. A few reliable cites for the proposition that software used for
> major financial transactions (e.g. a bank's check-clearing system) is
> subject to tight standards (though probably not as tight as (1)).
> 3. I need someone who is well versed in OVC's system to read section
> 2.4 of Shamos's paper
> ( ) and
> to write a technically solid rebuttal. Reward: naming as a co-author.
> Thanks!
> -Ron
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