Fw: GAO Request for Information

From: Alan Dechert <dechert_at_gmail_dot_com>
Date: Sun Apr 24 2005 - 12:42:36 CDT

I called to see if they might have some money to pay for a report. The
woman there said, "no," but they would still like to see a report from OVC.

I think we should come up with something -- time frame "about a month."

Alan D.

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Subject: GAO Request for Information

> To: Open Voting Consortium
> From: U.S. Government Accountability Office (GAO)
> Re: Request for Information and Documentation --
> Audits and Reports of Election Issues and Voting Systems
> GAO requests your assistance in identifying and obtaining audits and
> reports from state audit and elections oversight organizations related
> to our review of the security and reliability of electronic voting
> systems, as well as information on initiatives to improve the security
> and reliability of electronic voting systems (audit code 310478). This
> review will examine a wide range of sources to identify concerns and
> improvement efforts related to the security and reliability of
> electronic voting systems.
> If your organization has issued a report that addresses these topics,
> or is in the process of developing such a study or report, we are
> interested in receiving a copy to determine its relevance to our work.
> If you are aware of another organization that has performed a
> government-authorized audit or study in these areas, we would greatly
> appreciate receiving whatever report information and contacts you can
> provide. Examples of relevant reports can be found at:
> http://www.raba.com/press/TA_Report_AccuVote.pdf and
> http://www.ss.ca.gov/elections/taskforce.htm.
> Additionally, we are interested in receiving information on initiatives
> your organization is working on to improve the security and reliability
> of electronic voting systems.
> Please reply to Jessica Waselkow, IT Analyst, at waselkowj@gao.gov or
> 303-572-7408 if you have information we could consider. If those
> reports are publicly available on the Web, please consider including
> their URL address or link in your response.
> We greatly appreciate your assistance.

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