Soaries resigns from EAC, citing admin lack of support

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Date: Sat Apr 23 2005 - 15:16:30 CDT

Chairman of Voting Reform Panel Resigns
The Associated Press
Friday, April 22, 2005; 12:32 PM

WASHINGTON - The first chairman of the federal voting agency created
after the 2000 election dispute is resigning, saying the government
has not shown enough of a commitment to reform.

DeForest Soaries, a Baptist minister, said Friday that his
resignation from the commission created by Congress would take effect
next week.

Soaries, 53, cited personal reasons for resigning and said he wants
to spend more time with his family in New Jersey - but he added the
decision was prompted in part by a lack of support for the commission
from Congress and the federal government.

"All four of us had to work without staff, without offices, without
resources. I don't think our sense of personal obligation has been
matched by a corresponding sense of commitment to real reform from
the federal government," Soaries told The Associated Press.

Soaries is a Republican who was the White House's pick to join the
Election Assistance Commission, which was created by the Help America
Vote Act of 2002 to help states enact voting reforms.

A former secretary of state of New Jersey, Soaries was confirmed to
the commission by the Senate in December 2003 and elected the
independent agency's first chairman by his three fellow
commissioners. His term as chairman ended in January 2005 and since
then he's stayed on as a commission member.

Soaries and the other commissioners complained from the beginning
that the commission was underfunded and neglected by the federal
lawmakers who created it.

2005 The Associated Press

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