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Kathy Dopp wrote:
> charlie strauss wrote:
>> Strange. their web site has no pictures of it, just drawings. Yet
>> according to the PR
>> it wone some FOSE award for design. Vapor design?
> Are you going to invite them to become OVC Consortium members?
> Are you going to sell them on the benefits of belonging to the OVC?
> Just a quick thought.
> Kathy
>> they have a white paper on it. Many attributes are simlar to OVC.
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>> Subject: [OVC-discuss] New voting system - Comfidex Corp.'s VoteFiler
>> **Comfidex Introduces New Voting System That Combines the Benefits of
>> Electronic Voting with the Security of a Paper Trail**
>> **VoteFiler Uniquely Addresses Voting and Vote Tabulation Concerns
>> Raised Following the 2000 and 2004 U.S. Elections**
>> **Washington, DC, April 5, 2005**
>> [FOSE Booth #1439] -- The last two U.S. Presidential election cycles
>> uncovered significant, systemic problems plaguing the nation's
>> antiquated voting systems. This has led to loud demands from public
>> officials, citizens and the media for improved voting technology and
>> better vote tabulation methods. Despite this significant outcry,
>> surprisingly few realistic solutions have surfaced.
>> Today Comfidex Corp., an established vendor in the electronic forms
>> processing and validation space, is addressing the issue with the
>> introduction of a new voting solution called "VoteFiler." VoteFiler is
>> a voting system built on patented technology that combines the
>> benefits of electronic voting with the security and ability to audit
>> that only comes from a clear paper trail. Through creative design and
>> the use of advanced bar-code technology, VoteFiler allows individuals
>> to securely create anonymous, though verifiable, paper ballots that
>> are then scanned and tabulated on Election Day.
>> Comfidex is unveiling VoteFiler today at a 3:00 PM press conference at
>> FOSE 2005 at the Washington Convention Center in Washington, D.C.
>> "VoteFiler uniquely addresses the procedural and technical voting
>> issues that have caused such frustration and concern in recent
>> elections, and it does so in an evolutionary, cost-effective manner,"
>> said Bill Stratigos, president and COO of Comfidex. "By using
>> innovative design, off-the-shelf hardware and our patented technology,
>> VoteFiler is designed to complement existing voting systems and
>> provide an inexpensive and secure voting process."
>> VoteFiler's key attributes include:
>> * Voter authentication and security -- VoteFiler has the ultimate
>> back up. It creates a verifiable paper trail.
>> * Evolutionary, transitional voting solution -- VoteFiler is
>> designed to initially work side-by-side with existing voting
>> systems.
>> * Speed -- While voters who have used VoteFiler to create their
>> ballots will still have to go to the polls on Election Day, they
>> will not have to stand in long lines for traditional voting
>> machines. VoteFiler enables _express lanes for voting_.
>> * Cost -- VoteFiler does not require any expensive, proprietary
>> voting machines. Any off-the-shelf hardware can be used. Only a
>> standard Internet browser is required.
>> * Ease of use -- No hanging chads or confusing ballots. An easy to
>> navigate Web-based interface is available prior to Election Day
>> for use in your own home.
>> * Voting accuracy -- VoteFiler provides voting accuracy and recount
>> capability, a much-simplified absentee voting option and preserves
>> voter anonymity.
>> "VoteFiler is unique in its use of patented, inexpensive,
>> off-the-shelf equipment to support secure, anonymous and auditable
>> paper-based voting," said Steve Weissman, President, Kinetic
>> Information LLC. "What makes VoteFiler truly interesting is that it
>> takes nothing more to run than network-connectable personal computers,
>> is not at all disruptive and can be phased in at whatever pace is
>> desired, making it a 'must see' for anyone involved in the procurement
>> of electronic voting systems."
>> **About Comfidex **
>> Comfidex Corp. is a New York City-based firm that develops innovative
>> solutions for the e-business community. The Comfidex business model is
>> built around patented products and technologies such as VoteFiler and
>> FormFiler. This model permits Comfidex to maintain stable pricing
>> while providing its customers with safe technologies in which to
>> invest. For more information about the company and its solutions,
>> visit our website at
>> VoteFiler is a trademark and FormFiler and Comfidex are registered
>> trademarks of Comfidex Corp. VoteFiler and FormFiler are powered by
>> Comfidex Technology - U.S. Patent Nos. 6,189,009, 6,725,220, and
>> foreign patents issued and pending.
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