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Date: Sun Apr 17 2005 - 00:26:18 CDT

Thanks, kibbitz, to participate in a discussion with those who do the
work, not kibbutz, a collective farm in Israel. I welcome your

Best regards,

At 9:00 PM -0700 4/16/05, Ed Kennedy wrote:
>Hello Arthur:
>Always ready to kibbutz. Beats the heck out of balancing the
>checkbook! As for best practices, what happened to the one that was
>being developed for New Mexico?
>Thanks, Edmund R. Kennedy
>Always work for the common good.
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>>Dear Joe (and interested others),
>>1. I think that the idea for having activity models for the various
>>voting machines is an excellent one.
>>2. I'm working on submitting an NSF proposal (through UCSC) for
>>analyzing existing voting practices and procedures, creates a form
>>of elections rules database, and creates best practices documents
>>for various voting processes.
>>The proposal opportunity is NSF 05-551 (See
>>for specifics on the solicitation.) I will put in some consulting
>>time for those who help write the proposal and want to participate
>>in the effort if funded.
>>Please send me email if you want to participate in proposal writing
>>or just kibbitzing.
>>The proposal is due Thursday, May 5, 2005.
>>Best regards,
>>At 3:14 PM -0700 4/12/05, Joseph Lorenzo Hall wrote:
>>>I'd love to hear comments on the following activity model (in UML 2.0
>>>notation) for voting on the Sequoia AVC Edge DRE with VVPAT printer.
>>>If we get enough interest (I'd like to have such a model for many, if
>>>not all voting technologies) we can start an "Existing Systems
>>>Explications" working group.
>>>PS: Some notes to those unfamiliar with UML 2.0 activity diagrams.
>>>The agent (a voter) starts at the closed dark circle (start) and
>>>should make it to the dark circle with concentric outline (end).
>>>Diamond symbols represent where a decision is made and rounded
>>>rectangles represent various activities in the process.
>>>Joseph Lorenzo Hall
>>>UC Berkeley, SIMS PhD Student
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