Re: Shamos rebuttal -- re-visit

From: Ron Crane <voting_at_lastland_dot_net>
Date: Sat Apr 16 2005 - 15:42:26 CDT

OK, I will make this into a real paper, and will post it for review
here. By what date does your contact need it? If it's really soon, can
she make due with the rebuttal more-or-less as posted?


P.S. I've made a donation, too.

On Apr 16, 2005, at 1:18 PM, Alan Dechert wrote:

> Sorry, Ron, that I haven't been as responsive as you'd like in this
> thread. I get that way when I need money. Our current fundraising
> drive (ends Tues eve.) is off to a slow start. We're going to be
> hard-pressed to meet our goal (which we must do). BTW, people on the
> OVC-discuss list have contributed in the past and I need to ask to for
> renewed support. I expect to spend significant time in the next few
> days making fundraising calls, so I don't have a lot of time to spend
> on this right now.
> Anyway, if you want to make this into a nice paper and get
> endorsements and such, I would be glad to have you as first author,
> and list others that have contributed like we have done in the past
> with other papers.
> Alan D.
> On 4/16/05, Ron Crane <> wrote:
>> Thanks! Those are good suggestions and could really help us make our
>> case. But first we need to hammer this proto-paper into shape. My
>> Shamos rebuttal contains a few requests for help (items 7, 16, and
>> especially 18) with areas that others here have more knowledge of, and
>> experience in, than I do. Please see whether you can help. Also please
>> review the entire rebuttal and post your comments here. Alan: I need
>> your feedback especially.
>> To make this a really good paper, it probably should be framed not so
>> much as a rebuttal to Shamos, but as a rebuttal to common
>> misconceptions about e-voting systems that happens to use Shamos's
>> paper as the primary source of misconceptions.
>> Comments? Flames? Or have a multitude of cats stolen most list
>> participants' tongues?
>> -Ron
>> On Apr 15, 2005, at 1:01 PM, laird popkin wrote:
>>> I am stunned at the high quality of this discussion.
>>> We need to get the resulting document widely disseminated, and
>>> legitimized for reference. Can we submit it for publication in a
>>> relevant journal, and/or get a bunch of OVC supporters who are well
>>> known in the voting world to publicly sign off on it?
>>> - LP
>>> ....

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