NSF Proposal on Digital Government

From: Arthur Keller <voting_at_kellers_dot_org>
Date: Fri Apr 15 2005 - 15:26:44 CDT

Dear Joe (and interested others),

1. I think that the idea for having activity models for the various
voting machines is an excellent one.

2. I'm working on submitting an NSF proposal (through UCSC) for
analyzing existing voting practices and procedures, creates a form of
elections rules database, and creates best practices documents for
various voting processes.

The proposal opportunity is NSF 05-551 (See
for specifics on the solicitation.) I will put in some consulting
time for those who help write the proposal and want to participate in
the effort if funded.

Please send me email if you want to participate in proposal writing
or just kibbitzing.

The proposal is due Thursday, May 5, 2005.

Best regards,

At 3:14 PM -0700 4/12/05, Joseph Lorenzo Hall wrote:
>I'd love to hear comments on the following activity model (in UML 2.0
>notation) for voting on the Sequoia AVC Edge DRE with VVPAT printer.
>If we get enough interest (I'd like to have such a model for many, if
>not all voting technologies) we can start an "Existing Systems
>Explications" working group.
>PS: Some notes to those unfamiliar with UML 2.0 activity diagrams.
>The agent (a voter) starts at the closed dark circle (start) and
>should make it to the dark circle with concentric outline (end).
>Diamond symbols represent where a decision is made and rounded
>rectangles represent various activities in the process.
>Joseph Lorenzo Hall
>UC Berkeley, SIMS PhD Student
>blog: <http://pobox.com/~joehall/nqb2/>
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