Re: Web Demo doesn't work

From: Jan Karrman <jan_at_it_dot_uu_dot_se>
Date: Fri Apr 15 2005 - 07:25:50 CDT

On Thu, 14 Apr 2005, Arthur Keller wrote:

> Ideally, there would be two versions of the CD, one "real
> application" and a local web-based for those with screen size
> challenges. I don't know of any laptop with 1280x1024 screen. My
> 17" Powerbook G4 does a nice job with the web-based demo, showing
> most of the screen. I'll show it live at FREENIX tomorrow using
> Jan's server. I'll also briefly show off the local RII running on my
> laptop.
> Unfortunately, Jan's audio output doesn't work on my Mac, as
> Quicktime doesn't recognize the mp3 or avi file. Advise on how to
> fix that would be appreciated, so I can show that off too.

I have added another audio type (AVR) that seems to be a Mac audio
format. Since I have no way to check if it works myself, I have set
up another version of the demo here:

Hopefully this will work for you, I'll be away over the weekend with
limited network connection, so I may not be able to help much in
getting it to work for your demo.

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