May 15 Philly event

From: Alan Dechert <dechert_at_gmail_dot_com>
Date: Thu Apr 14 2005 - 12:12:20 CDT

Below is a note from Bob Moore. I told him we'd have someone there.
Any volunteers to represent OVC there?

Alan D.

Philly folks and invitees to May 15 conference,
On 4/13, I presented a brief report to the Philadelphia Ethical Society
(PES) Ethical Action Committee on the Nashville Election Reform
Conference and on the 'Next Time in Philly' conference possibility.
The committee was strongly supportive of the Election Reform (ER)
cause and was interested in co-sponsoring a 'Next Time in Philly' ER
meeting, if it happens. We
would make our downtown building (including an auditorium that holds
250 max, big
kitchen, 2 smaller meeting rooms, and dining room) available. We could also
canvass our members for volunteers to provide logistical support.
The PES wasn't ready to take on full Event Coordinator responsibility
and the July 4th date was not popular. For one thing, the PES has been
planning for some time a large event in late June, and we'll be
stretched thin for that event. For another thing, July 4th in
Philadelphia is notoriously overscheduled and hectic.
We briefly discussed practical issues. The newly-built Constitution
Center (if you haven't been to Philadelphia in the last couple years,
you've never seen it) is a large and symbolically significant venue.
There are some nearby colleges that may offer both housing and
conference space while students are gone (until the end of August).

Meanwhile, we are continuing with plans for our public forum on
election reform issues, on Sunday, May 15 between 2PM and 4PM,
centered around the idea of whether the election system will be ready
for the 2006 election.
Invitees currently include: 
(1) Lynn Landes, journalist
(2) Marybeth Kunzik, VotePA
(3) Josh Mitteldorf, Temple statistician
(4) A representative from the OpenVoting Consortium
(5) A representative from the League of Women Voters
Invitees, please send confirmation and biographical information so we
can begin publicity and planning.
bobmoore at
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