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From: Arthur Keller <voting_at_kellers_dot_org>
Date: Mon Apr 11 2005 - 01:35:16 CDT

At 9:25 AM -0700 4/7/05, Edmund R. Kennedy wrote:
>Last night I had my first OVC meetup. While it
>certainly get off to a low key start, Jim Bohorquez of
>Mesa Power Systems and an election reform activist in
>his own right was there and he made a very powerful
>observation. "We need to have something that people
>can touch," I recall him saying. Jim developed the
>idea that we need to have a laptop or desktop unit set
>up that we can take to meetings and say, "See, here's
>how it works!" I think this is a great idea.
>So, here's a deal I'm willing to make and need some
>help on.
>1. My son doesn't use his late model Dell laptop very
>much. I'd be happy to convert it to a demonstrator,
>providing that when I take the CD version of the EVM
>out and reboot the computer, it comes back under
>Windows XP, SP2.

It was (in my opinion) an unfortunate decision to require a 1280x1024
screen for the demo. Does your laptop support that resolution. My
brand-new 17" Mac Powerbook does not. I would appreciate the demo
being reworked for 1024x768, where it could work on most any laptop
and displayed using an XGA projector. For example, I can't give a
demo at the USENIX conference this week without bringing an external

>2. It's not touch screen -- yet. Does anyone know
>anything about either getting a screen overlay to make
>the device touch screen capable or can they recommend
>a source for a light, inexpensive touch screen
>monitor? FYI: This is a bottom of the line Dell but
>it does have two USB ports and a plug for an external
>monitor. Yes, I'll provide the $ to get it.

I have never seen it work with the touch screen. Alan claims he once
saw it, but our demos in 2004 were all with a mouse, not a touch

>3. I'll be the alpha, beta or gamma tester for this
>setup and provide copious feedback for those
>4. This would be a great way to start human factor
>testing. (Hint, hint, Arthur)

I agree that such testing is worthwhile. I know some people are fans
of full face ballots, but I'm not. I prefer one multi-candidate
contest at a time or a few yes/no questions. Most people seem to
handle ATM interfaces. Those are not touch screen, but have buttons
at the edge of the screen. More reliable, less calibration problem,
and easier to verify.

>5. If you are in the San Diego County area, you can
>borrow it for a day or two to demonstrate the


Best regards,

>Thanks, Ed Kennedy

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