Refined Trusted Entity

From: David Mertz <voting-project_at_gnosis_dot_cx>
Date: Fri Apr 08 2005 - 20:22:22 CDT

On Apr 8, 2005, at 9:05 PM, Ron Crane wrote:
> Trusted Entity: An entity, upon the truthfulness of whose assertions,
> and upon the integrity of whose actions, a voting system's security is
> contingent. A vendor is a trusted entity to the extent that we are
> forced to trust that it has not, for example, incorporated a Trojan
> Horse into its voting system. The amount of trust reposed in an entity
> may be reduced by the appropriate use of public review procedures,
> public source control procedures, cryptographic signatures, and the
> like. A person who exercises a prerogative of a trusted entity is a
> "trusted person". This term makes no assertions concerning
> trustworthiness.


I'm starting to think you didn't just get that J.D. out of a Cracker
Jacks box :-). Very lawyerly precision.

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