Re: RE: News re preference voting or IRV

From: Ron Crane <voting_at_lastland_dot_net>
Date: Thu Apr 07 2005 - 20:52:38 CDT

Me too. Also it lets me express my preferences more accurately than I
can with ranked voting, let alone than with the terrible "choose one"


On Apr 6, 2005, at 3:48 AM, Arthur Keller wrote:

> I'm a proponent of Approval Voting, where you vote FOR as many
> candidates as you want, and the one with the highest vote totals wins.
> This approach also works when there are n seats open, in which case
> the top n vote getters win. Note that this approach completely
> eliminates overvotes, can be incrementally tabulated (unlike IRV), and
> is simple to understand and vote. It also requires little change to
> printed ballots. It would have eliminated a large part of the problem
> of the "butterfly ballots" in Palm Beach County in 2000.
> Best regards,
> Arthur
> At 2:53 PM -0400 4/5/05, David Mertz wrote:
>> On Apr 5, 2005, at 8:21 AM, wrote:
>>> I may be the only person in America who currently advocates this,
>>> but has anyone assessed the idea of positive and negative (aka Pro
>>> and Con) voting? That would be to allow each vote to be either a
>>> positive vote for a candidate or a negative vote against one of the
>>> candidates. In order to win one must achieve a positive total.
>> I like the idea.
>> Of course, most office would go unfilled when every candidate had a
>> substantial negative total ;-). Probably that's a good feature of
>> the system as well.
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