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From: Edmund R. Kennedy <ekennedyx_at_yahoo_dot_com>
Date: Thu Apr 07 2005 - 11:25:07 CDT


Last night I had my first OVC meetup. While it
certainly get off to a low key start, Jim Bohorquez of
Mesa Power Systems and an election reform activist in
his own right was there and he made a very powerful
observation. "We need to have something that people
can touch," I recall him saying. Jim developed the
idea that we need to have a laptop or desktop unit set
up that we can take to meetings and say, "See, here's
how it works!" I think this is a great idea.

So, here's a deal I'm willing to make and need some
help on.

1. My son doesn't use his late model Dell laptop very
much. I'd be happy to convert it to a demonstrator,
providing that when I take the CD version of the EVM
out and reboot the computer, it comes back under
Windows XP, SP2.
2. It's not touch screen -- yet. Does anyone know
anything about either getting a screen overlay to make
the device touch screen capable or can they recommend
a source for a light, inexpensive touch screen
monitor? FYI: This is a bottom of the line Dell but
it does have two USB ports and a plug for an external
monitor. Yes, I'll provide the $ to get it.
3. I'll be the alpha, beta or gamma tester for this
setup and provide copious feedback for those
4. This would be a great way to start human factor
testing. (Hint, hint, Arthur)
5. If you are in the San Diego County area, you can
borrow it for a day or two to demonstrate the

Thanks, Ed Kennedy

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