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I may be the only person in America who currently advocates this, but has anyone assessed the idea of positive and negative (aka Pro and Con) voting? That would be to allow each vote to be either a positive vote for a candidate or a negative vote against one of the candidates. In order to win one must achieve a positive total.

This would benefit third parties as the two major parties frequently get into bashing contests and viable third party candidates lose votes because of such arguments a vote for C is actually a vote for A, the only way to vote against A is to vote for B, etc. Pro-Con voting actually allow people to specifically vote against A or B. Of course, the two major parties see how this would benefit third parties and they aren't likely to allow that.

BTW -- The OVC Data Model would support it, even in IRV.

I was under the belief that I invented this crazy idea until I was reading some historic documents and discovered that pro and con voting with paper ballots actually existed in colonial Connecticut. Of course, the early elections in Connecticut were nothing to brag about as those in power built a system that shamelessly favored incumbents. That's probably why it's so difficult to get information about early Connecticut elections.

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