Re: Glossary from NIST/EAC

From: Alan Dechert <dechert_at_gmail_dot_com>
Date: Mon Apr 04 2005 - 15:34:34 CDT

On Apr 4, 2005 12:34 PM, David Mertz <> wrote:
> > Thanks, David. I think we should try for "open voting." We can refer
> > to Irwin Mann's paper.
> Probably "open voting system" then.
Could be [rubbing chin....]

> > Summary paper ballot may be thought of as a subset of VVPB, but we
> > really want a separate entry for that. This is probably the most
> > important thing we're after here.
> I agree that SPB should be a separate entry from VVPB. I don't agree
> that SPB is the most important thing.
> Using a SPB rather than a more verbose VVPB can make counting and
> examination procedures simpler (1 page is nicer to process and verify
> than 10 pages are); but I do not believe that a SPB represents any -in
> principle- concern for democracy, nor for system security.
VVPB is not very interesting to OVC. I vote on a VVPB -- an opt scan
ballot. Mail-in ballots could be called VVPB.

SPB is very important to the OVC project, specifically. Consider this
language from SB1438:

   (e) "Paper record copy" means an auditable document printed
         by a voter verified paper audit trail component that corresponds
         to the voter's electronic vote and lists the contests on the ballot
         and the voter's selections for those contests. A paper record
         copy is not a ballot.

It says, the printout thingy is "not a ballot." Of course, here
they're referring to the DREs that have the printer added (then of
course, they're no longer DREs... another language issue). If it's
not a ballot, what is it legally?

We know why they don't want to call it a ballot. There are all sorts
of election codes applicable to "ballots" that would cause problems
with this law. We need to get Summary Paper Ballot into the voting
lexicon to distinguish it from other "ballots."

> > I will also suggest the term "auditable" or "auditability" -- often
> > used by Roy Saltman in reference to features of a voting system that
> > enable meaningful [and practical] audit procedures to be carried out
> > on election results.
> Good.
Note that the quote above from SB1438 [aside from all the worms in the
law] does use the term "auditable."

> > "User Centered Design" may be beyond the scope here but I like to try
> > to get that in there as well.
> Let me think about that.
Yes, please do.

Alan D.
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