Re: Glossary from NIST/EAC

From: David Mertz <voting-project_at_gnosis_dot_cx>
Date: Mon Apr 04 2005 - 13:12:53 CDT

> I just received this email from the EAC. We need to add at least two
> terms to the glossary:
> 1) Summary paper ballot
> 2) Open Voting

I will make a comment to NIST. We need them to include VVPB (Voter
Verified Paper Ballot) as a contrast with all those lesser VV*
acronyms. Summary paper ballot is a subset of VVPB, and I'll include
the relevant "see also" type stuff.

I dunno about "Open Voting" though. It's good as the name of our
group, but I can't really think of a technical definition of it for
NIST. "The good guys" doesn't seem to be the level they're looking for

I'm tempted to suggest Public Software as a term. But the attempts at
a license seem sketchy and crude at this point, nothing I could really
suggest as an academic citation. Free Software is better referencable,
so maybe I'll just mention that.

If anyone else--especially anyone with some nice initials or
affiliations--would like to join a comment with me, it might be helpful
to have multiple signers. And, of course, I presume you would have you
your own comments. Joe? Charlie? Kathy? Others?

Not to say that everyone else should not be encouraged to make
independent comments if they prefer that route.

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