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From: Arnold Urken <aurken_at_stevens_dot_edu>
Date: Fri Apr 30 2004 - 13:10:18 CDT


> Do you have additional information about the Indian and Brazilian
> ballot
> technology or is that in the archive somewhere?;

> Here is the link I have to a site put up by dissidents in Brazil who
think their system is bad. It includes links to English versions
(Act 1 through 3) as well as Portuguese. I should note that, on
paper, Brazil has "public disclosure of source code" written into
law. The dissidents say that this isn't working.
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>>I am not surprised. Before Diebold bought the Brazilian system, I had
students who knew Portuguese look at official websites to translate what
was said about standards. There was nothing explicit. When Diebold
bought the technology, I called and spoke to someone who assured me that
experts and the Brazilian government worked in a partnership to create
voting systems that met the "highest standards." But Diebold would not
divulge any details and would not say anything about testing protocols.


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