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From: Arthur Keller <arthur_at_kellers_dot_org>
Date: Thu Apr 29 2004 - 01:32:22 CDT

At 9:30 PM -0700 4/28/04, Ed Kennedy wrote:
>Hello Arthur:
> I like your analysis. Just so you know, some counties, including San
>Diego, have 'rationalized' their election cycle so that interim posts are
>filled by appointment until the next regular election and ballot proposals
>cannot get their own elections. They have to be combined with regular

Thanks for the info.

> I wonder if we have some Project Management people participating. It
>sounds like we need to get someone with an appropriate background in
>software development to pull together a generic list of tasks and then we
>could start try to attach some times and maybe put it into a CPM network. I
>ask for others to help because I know about 'it' but I don't really know
>'it'. If I were the UC, I'd like to see something like that in a proposal.

The project will be hiring professional project leads just as you
would find the best small software companies. I've taught Systems
Analysis and Design at UCSC twice. I want someone with experience in
that stuff to be managing it. My job as PI is overall management of
the UC-lead project. That means interacting with the press, public
officials, providing overall project direction, etc.

> I do have another idea. Pick a California college town and ask them
>if they think that we could set up a parallel system at some polling
>place(s). Once people have voted, ask them if they could test the new
>system. Have the same ballot as the DRE's. It could be useful for the
>human engineering tests that seem to be needed and probably adequate for a
>pilot. It also could be a nice little bit of publicity. I'm suggesting a
>college town because they'd possibly be more open to such a thing and have a
>little more time than most of us working stiffs.

You know, Santa Cruz is such a town....

Thanks for the suggestions.

Best regards,

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