Re: Hurray for the OVC President

From: Alan Dechert <alan_at_openvotingconsortium_dot_org>
Date: Sat Apr 24 2004 - 15:47:41 CDT

> I propose that as soon as OVC gets any real money--even a couple
> thousand, which looks plausible--the OVC board should start Alan on an
> initial stipend as President. As most members here know, Alan has
> volunteered a whole lot of time over the last several years, getting
> the OVC and EVM2003 going, certainly much more than any of the rest of
> us.
Thanks, David. We've thought of that for sure. The minutes of the first
board meeting on Dec 30 indicate that the board voted "that the Consortium's
President be offered executive, compensation contingent of the consortium's
fundraising success, at a rate not to exceed $8,000."

At this point, I have received no OVC funds for salary. I'm only just now
getting reimbursed for some expenses. Lou has stipulated that his matching
funds only go for expenses--and that's fine. I think we'll all know when
the OVC will be ready to start paying me for more than my expenses. With
luck, that will come sooner than later. Next week, we may have a better fix
on the funding picture.

> A couple thousands bucks doesn't reimburse even Alan's ongoing work for
> more than a very short time... but I'm sure he could use it still.
> Obviously, we still hope some real funding sources come in, either HAVA
> monies, or foundation grants of various sorts. And if so, Alan will
> certainly have a major role in those projects (and get a real salary).
> But in the interim, I for one advocate directing some of these
> donations to our hardworking president.
I surely do appreciate your support, David. We were able to reimbuse Fred
for the PC he bought ($199.99 special) to run the BRP at the demo (check's
in the mail if he hasn't received it yet). Other than me, Arthur Keller has
sunk the most into the project. He also should be getting his money back
and deserves to be paid for his work. Doug Jones has contributed some money
and a whole lot of time over the last year with the OVC project. I'd like
to be able to pay Fred McLain for his time and also reimburse his expenses.
Likewise with you, David Mertz.

When we get some real funding, lots of people will be able to spend
substantial amounts of time and effort and know that they are getting paid
for it. It's only fair.

Alan D.
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