Re: Hurray for the OVC President

From: Nathan L. Adams <adamsn79_at_bellsouth_dot_net>
Date: Sat Apr 24 2004 - 15:02:02 CDT

Its good to see these things being discussed out in the open. Obviously Alan
needs to be reimbursed for his work, but it is also *very* reassuring to see
Arthur thinking about the bigger picture. Three cheers for transparency! In
fact, this makes me feel so good about the OVC as an organization that I
think I'll click the 'ole PayPal button tonight. I encourage others to follow
suit. :)


On Saturday 24 April 2004 03:42 pm, Arthur Keller wrote:
> At 3:15 PM -0400 4/24/04, David Mertz wrote:
> >On Apr 24, 2004, at 2:56 PM, Alan Dechert wrote:
> >>Lou Montulli just made a contribution to OVC in the amount of $685 to
> >> match the $685 we've received from PayPal in the last few days. We're
> >> about 1/3 of the way to our goal of $4000 this week. This is great!
> >
> >I propose that as soon as OVC gets any real money--even a couple
> >thousand, which looks plausible--the OVC board should start Alan on
> >an initial stipend as President. As most members here know, Alan
> >has volunteered a whole lot of time over the last several years,
> >getting the OVC and EVM2003 going, certainly much more than any of
> >the rest of us.
> >
> >A couple thousands bucks doesn't reimburse even Alan's ongoing work
> >for more than a very short time... but I'm sure he could use it
> >still. Obviously, we still hope some real funding sources come in,
> >either HAVA monies, or foundation grants of various sorts. And if
> >so, Alan will certainly have a major role in those projects (and get
> >a real salary). But in the interim, I for one advocate directing
> >some of these donations to our hardworking president.
> 1. The board has already approved paying the OVC president money once
> it is available.
> 2. Lou Montulli's matching funds can go only for expenses not salary,
> according to his offer.
> 3. My first priority is to pay expenses incurred in the OVC's
> business before we pay any salaries or stipends. Reimbursing Alan
> for all his out of pocket expenses will help, and has fewer tax and
> record-keeping requirements than paying a stipend. Once there is
> sufficient money to pay expenses, then we can pay salaries or
> stipends prospectively.
> Best regards,
> Arthur
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