Re: Minimum hardware requirements and a few odds and ends.

From: David Mertz <voting-project_at_gnosis_dot_cx>
Date: Thu Apr 22 2004 - 12:37:33 CDT

On Apr 22, 2004, at 5:28 AM, Jan Karrman wrote:
> If possible, I think it should be on the same machine. When I was
> working on the RII/VII, I contacted Clas Thorén, an accessibility
> expert from Sweden, for advice:
> Beside the technical parts we discussed, he also recommended that
> one should try not treating disabled persons separately.

If the same stations are used for both the GUI and RII, there will need
to be a procedure in place to stop or suspend the one application, and
launch the other. That seems to require a bit more training for poll

Moreover, in this model, every station will need to have headphones and
a keyboard, so that the RII may be used there. Not prohibitive, but a
bit more equipment requirement. I suspect some sighted voters will be
confused by the extra equipment that they will not use (what about
write-ins: should there still be an on-screen keyboard if there is a
physical one?).

However, I think there will still need to be an independent station for
wheelchair accessibility; I don't think we can make every station
entirely use-interchangeable. The FAQ also contemplates allowing motor
impaired voters to use a touchscreen with a longer tether (or
bluetooth?) on their lap, which presumably also will not be installed
at every station.

Btw. I had not know until today that multi-session CD-R was "part of
the spec" as Alan wrote in this thread. In fact, I only really thought
about the idea yesterday, after Arthur discussed it. I agree that the
approach has some significant advantages; but we should maybe clarify
the "spec" so that it's not so easy to overlook this aspect.

Question though: Is it simple to boot a live-CD from a multi-session
CD-R? How does that work? Boot from the first session always? Something
else? I think I've read about problems with older CD-R's and
multi-session capability. Am I imagining this, or is there a real

Yours, David...

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