Re: Minimum hardware requirements and a few odds and ends.

From: Bob Ramstad <rramstad_at_alum_dot_mit_dot_edu>
Date: Thu Apr 22 2004 - 11:52:35 CDT

Edmund R. Kennedy wrote:

> Again my model of the decision maker and user of
>these OVC systems are that of someone with the
>equivalent of a 10th grade education. Therefore one
>must follow the doctrine of KISS (Keep it simple,
>silly). While tweaking machines to work or work
>better may seem like a trivial item to you, to most
>people it at least annoying and in some cases down
>right intimidating.

In my opinion, there will HAVE to be an entity -- perhaps a separate
company, perhaps a part of OVC -- which builds CD-R media configured and
tested for particular elections and hardware systems.

As an example, I have built Knoppix CDs with particular configurations
for various hardware, it is not difficult once you've done it once. I
did this precisely so that my users don't have to understand the process
of configuring Knoppix.

I think it is essential down the road that OVC systems are available as
a turnkey purchase with service -- including ballot configuration and
election day assistance. I have no expectation that election officials
can configure operating systems or software -- and neither do Diebold et
al. Election officials should be able to follow simple printed
directions, nothing more.

-- Bob

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