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Date: Thu Apr 22 2004 - 02:34:08 CDT

Regarding use of open source, we will have to
address issues like the Linux comments below.

Also, notice the Miami-Dade article.

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>ACM TechNews
>April 21, 2004
> Linux: Unfit for National Security?
>Recent assertions by Green Hills Software CEO
>Dan O'Dowd that Linux open-source software
>constitutes a threat to national security were
>followed up by testimony from Purdue University
>professor Eugene Spafford and the Naval
>Postgraduate School's Cynthia Irvine contending
>that Linux is ...
><http://www.acm.org/technews/articles/2004-6/0421w.html#item3>[read more]
> Voters Unable to Have Printed Receipt
>Miami-Dade county election officials rejected a
>proposal on April 19 to equip iVotronic
>touch-screen voting machines with printers in
>time for the November presidential election
>because the technology is not state certified.
>The iVotronic suppliers must wait for federal
>and state ...
><http://www.acm.org/technews/articles/2004-6/0421w.html#item8>[read more]
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