Re: Minimum hardware requirements and a few odds and ends.

From: David Mertz <voting-project_at_gnosis_dot_cx>
Date: Thu Apr 22 2004 - 00:42:16 CDT

It's still much too early to really state specs. We might well change
a number of architectural things between the demo and production
(though I find many of the arguments for change unconvincing, such as
allegedly better security with C or Java than Python).

That said, Ed overstates the likely requirements to run EVMix live-CD
(the name I've been suggesting). Several thing:

(1) I don't know Slax, but Knoppix creates a full KDE desktop. For the
GUI terminals, the VII terminals, and the BVA, we shouldn't need X11 at
all, let alone a heavyweight window manager (PyGame works on the
framebuffer, right?)

(2) The GUI terminal doesn't need sound.

(3) None of the machines need network cards.

(4) The VII and BVA don't even need framebuffer graphics, a text screen
is fine.

(5) Writing to CD--as opposed to flash card over USB, or floppy
disk--is not necessarily the medium to store EBIs on. It's also
possible to write to the same CD-R drive that we boot from.

(6) THE BRP, as currently written, -does- require a machine supporting
PyQt, therefore Qt, therfore X11. So that's a little more
heavy-weight. But that is only one machine per polling place.

As to the hacking prize/contest thing... it seems a little goofy to me.
  Elections are already worth millions: there's plenty of motivation to
hack at systems without making an advertising-style game out of it.
Open source lets everyone try it all the time.

Yours, David...

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