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From: Alan Dechert <alan_at_openvotingconsortium_dot_org>
Date: Wed Apr 21 2004 - 22:04:14 CDT

> Here's another version of the events from the normally rather conservative
> San Diego Union Tribune.
This article sounds pretty rosey. "They're going to fix the problems."

     Another watchdog of electronic voting, Kim Alexander,
     president of the California Voter Foundation, also praised
     San Diego County officials for working to fix the voting
     machine problems.

I just got back from the all-day meeting mentioned in the article. What Kim
really said was, "fire Diebold." She was one of many that gave a scathing
assessment of Diebold's performance.

One of the hand-outs there is full of copies of letters from Diebold going
back many months that say, "we're fixing the problems." The only way, imo,
for Diebold to retain any business in CA would be to get rid of the
president of their elections division, Robert Urosevich. The guy came off
as a complete idiot. David Jefferson was on the panel and led the raking
over the coals of Urosevich. Urosevich's attempts to explain how things
happened and how he intends to make everything right just got him deeper and
deeper in piles of manure.

Anyway, the meeting was a blast! The auditorium was packed with lots of
people standing--a lot of politics going on in the aisles, corridors, and
lobby. I met a bunch of people and did a couple of newspaper interviews. I
also went along with Bev Harris, Jim March, and Bob Kibrick over to the
Capitol Building to testify at a Senate hearing regarding a bill to require
a voter-verified paper something. I didn't know of the bill but I just told
them that our organization had demonstrated how this could be done simply
and inexpensively and in such a way that a blind voter can vote privately
and unassisted while also having the capability to verify how the vote was
recorded. Don Perata is the chair of the Senate Elections committee (he was
my first major advocate in the State Legislature 3 years ago). The
committee voted 5-0 in favor of the bill.

Bev Harris had a camera crew with her that was filming a documentary. Bev
mentioned that the OVC continues to get some nice plugs from her in her
media appearances. I told her that we want to hire her as our publicist
when we get some money. Elise Ackerman (attended out demo rehearsal MAR 30
and wrote a APR 1 article) was there for the San Jose Mercury News. I sat
with her for a while and chatted a bit. I had lunch with a writer for the
Sacramento Bee newspaper, then we were joined by Jody Holder, Dennis Paull,
and quite a few other activists (including my wife, Lori). Greg Dinger,
formerly of Verified Voting, sat across from me and we talked quite a bit.

I met Freddie Oakley She's a county elections
chief that will be joining our meeting with SoS Shelley on Monday. I've
spoken with her on the phone several times over the last 3 years but it's
the first time I got to meet her in person. I also had a nice chat with
Ryan Ronco, the assistant registrar for Placer county (where I live). I met
with him and Jim McAuley (ROV) 3 years ago. Ryan's the one that said, "put
a barcode on there." I said, "we can do that, no problem."

Many people I saw today knew me from 3 years ago when I was just a crank
with an idea. I was treated a lot differently today... thanks to our
demo--that was magical. Thanks again to everyone that helped make that demo
work. Most everyone I spoke with knew about our demo. Of course, there are
other reasons my credibility has improved over the years.. like the fact
that they are beginning to understand the issues I was explaining to them 3
years ago since they can now see things unfolding that back up what I was

I'd like to spend all day there tomorrow too but I just can't--too much to

Alan D.
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