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From: Jeff Almeida <spud_at_spudzeppelin_dot_com>
Date: Wed Apr 21 2004 - 10:48:09 CDT

Also Sprach Douglas W. Jones:

>* Are there OVC1 components that can be separated out cleanly enough to
>be the basis of a 'marketplace' in voting system components, so that
>competing producers could reengineer these components independently?

Yes. At least in one particular arena: apparently ES&S *ewww* is now
marketing a touch-screen device that can physically mark a C-t-D ballot
such as that used by the Eagle (since they just acquired the Eagle's
manufacturer, this is no surprise). This will allow existing Eagle users
(like my current jurisdiction) to just buy the ballot-marking devices as a
retrofit for their existing systems.

There is no reason (and this is not dissimilar to the call for an
electronic pencil-emulator earlier in the week) why we couldn't adjust our
design spec for the VES to allow the marking of arbitrarily-designed
paper-ballots, provided the config info was structured properly. I've
mentioned this thought previously (privately, to Kurt, in the car) -- it
is entirely the case that customers may choose to only select some of our
"small pieces loosely joined" architecture to suit their purposes -- which
is a critical advantage of such a model.

jeff :)

Jeff D. "Spud (Zeppelin)" Almeida
Corinth, TX
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