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This list, maintained by Arthur Keller <arthur@kellers.org>, is for
those participating in the project to develop a PC-based voting
machine with a voter-verifiable ballot. Here's general information
for the list you've subscribed to, in case you don't already have it:

This list has been in existence since July 2003 and a great many
issues have been discussed. First see our website,
<http://www.openvotingconsortium.org/>. We've tried to summarize the
discussions in a FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) [see FAQs link from
OVC website]. Should you feel that your questions have not been
answered in the FAQ, you may wish to try accessing our correspondence
archive (see <http://gnosis.python-hosting.com/voting-project/>). If
your question is not covered or unclear there, feel free to write us
at <voting-project@lists.sonic.net>. Please don't feel discouraged
about these two simple requests. We're actually a sociable bunch but
most all of us have day jobs and want to stay focused on the goal of
moving forward on making available a practical, open-source,
electronic voting system that prints a ballot the voter can verify, a
system that we can all trust. Your opinions are always welcomed.

Arthur M. Keller, Ph.D., 3881 Corina Way, Palo Alto, CA  94303-4507
tel +1(650)424-0202, fax +1(650)424-0424
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