Fund solicitation for Open Voting Consortium

From: David Jefferson <d_jefferson_at_yahoo_dot_com>
Date: Tue Apr 20 2004 - 23:32:07 CDT

Dear Friends,

I am writing to solicit funds for the Open Voting Consortium (OVC), an
open source group of the classic all-volunteer kind, dedicated to
creating a specification and reference implementation of a truly open
source, voter-verified, paper ballot voting system. Since this mailing
lists also contains people dedicated to voting system integrity, and
since I am an active contributor to them, I hope you will not consider
this one-time message inappropriate, even though it is a solicitation.

The OVC is led by Alan Dechert, with key participation by such
luminaries as Doug Jones and Karl Auerbach, along with academics from
U.C. Berkeley, U.C. Santa Cruz, and Princeton, and a rapidly growing
list of other institutions where OVC-affiliated teams are developing.
I hasten to say that I have never had any official connection to the
OVC, but I have been monitoring them for a while, and I believe they
have their heads on straight regarding what is required for a secure,
transparent voting system with voter-verification. I also believe they
have the leadership, vision, technical competence, and dedication just
possibly to catalyze a sea-change nationally in the way voting systems
are designed, developed, and deployed.

What they don't have much of is funding for all of the hundreds of
incidental expenses required to sustain the long complex effort, which
involves not just code, but documentation, presentations, occasional
travel, Internet service, telephone charges, and caffeine. They are
trying to raise $4,000 in the next week or so, and I think it is a very
worthwhile cause to support. This is an especially good time to
contribute because now, for one week only, starting noon on Wednesday,
April 21, all contributions will be matched 100% up to $2000 by a
friend of OVC, Lou Montulli (

If you are interested in OVC, please take a look at their web page There you will find buttons to make
contributions via PayPal. Also, the code is available on SourceForge,
so you can also make contributions through its site at Of course, OVC also accept
checks payable to the Open Voting Consortium, and sent to 9560 Windrose
Lane, Granite Bay, CA 95746.

The OVC is a nonprofit corporation. Don't expect your contributions to
be tax deductible; nor will you get a sweatshirt or mug. But you will
be contributing to securing the democratic process for future
generations. Even if you cannot contribute, you might wish to visit
the OVC web site and familiarize yourself with their work, or perhaps
even join their team.

Please feel free to pass on this solicitation on widely.

David Jefferson
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