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Hello All:

    As I understand it, an army performs to the, "...orders of the day." Napoleon was famous for the performance of his army partially due to the clarity of his orders of the day. It is said that the secret of his success was that he took along with him one of the idiots of his home village. Historically, the words 'village idiot' were more likely to refer to one or more of the retarded inhabitants of a village and not someone who's intelligence you didn't respect. After either Napoleon wrote the orders of the day or a member of his general staff did, the orders were first read to the idiot. If the idiot could not explain back the orders to Napoleon, the orders had to be rewritten. When I ask questions, please realize that my understanding of computer science, election law and other subjects of interest to the project are only that of a somewhat informed layman. So, do not be put off by the village idiot saying he doesn't understand the orders of the day.

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