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From: Teresa Hommel <tahommel_at_earthlink_dot_net>
Date: Mon Apr 19 2004 - 23:50:51 CDT

If I understand correctly, the term "voter-verified" is preferred rather
than the term "voter-verifiable."

This is because "voter-verified" indicates there is an action that the
voter can take to confirm that the ballot is correct (such as pressing a
"correct" or "yes" button, or whatever). When the voter takes the
action, the action has legal meaning, which is that the voter has said
that this paper ballot has his/her correct votes on it and can serve as
his/her legal ballot of record.

"Verifiable" of course suggests that the ballot can be verified, but the
point of creating the paper ballot is to create a verified ballot. That
is, the voter has not finished voting until he/she takes the action
(presses the button, whatever) to confirm the ballot--whether or not in
fact he/she has looked carefully at it to determine if the printout is
correct. In that sense scrutinizing the ballot is like reading a
contract--as long as you had an opportunity to read the contract, once
you sign it, it is your legal obligation. As long as you had an
opportunity to scrutinze your ballot, once you take the action to
confirm it, it is your legal ballot.

Teresa Hommel

Ed Kennedy wrote:

> Hello All: This letter is meant to be viewed in HTML. Arthur
> asked me to look over the welcome letter and then suggested that he
> wanted the rest of the group to review and comment. Some comments
> will be in bold. I'll make my suggestions for inserts in italics and
> deletes in underlines. [Comments and explanations are in brackets.]
> Put the information immediately below, first. [START:]
> This list, maintained by Arthur Keller (, is for
> those participating in the project to demo and prototype a PC-based
> voting machine with a voter-verifiable ballot. [I believe you have
> already demo'ed the program and now are moving to a pilot program.]
> Here's the general information for the list you've subscribed to, in
> case you don't already have it: [Remember, underscore means delete.
> Also, "...the..." implies that the statement below is comprehensive
> and complete.] This list has been in existence since ww/xx/yyyy and
> a great many issues have been discussed. We've tried to summarize the
> discussions in a FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) [link]. Should you
> feel that your questions have not been answered in the FAQ [which is
> certainly a possibility] you may wish to try accessing our
> correspondence archive [link to correspondence archive that explains
> how to access and search the archive]. If your question is not
> covered or unclear there, feel free to write us at
> . Please don't feel discouraged about
> these two simple requests. We're actually a sociable bunch but most
> all of us have day jobs and want to stay focused on the goal of moving
> forward on making available a practical, open source, voter verified,
> electronic ballot system that we can all trust. Your opinions are
> always welcomed. Signed, contact information, etc. [Then you can move
> onto how to unsubscribe. Currently it effectively comes first which
> is bad marketing. You want people to generally stick around.
> Besides, timewise and logically, it's more appropriate to put that
> near the end.] [End] Thanks, Ed Kennedy ----- Original Message
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> > >If you ever need to get in contact with the owner of the list,
> > >(if you have trouble unsubscribing, or have questions about the
> > >list itself) send email to
> <> .
> > >This is the general rule for most mailing lists when you need
> > >to contact a human.
> > >
> > > Here's the general information for the list you've subscribed to,
> > > in case you don't already have it:
> > >
> > >[Last updated on: Wed Jul 23 9:01:20 2003]
> > >This list, maintained by Arthur Keller (, is for
> > >those participating in the project to demo and prototype a PC-based
> > >voting machine with a voter-verifiable ballot.
> >
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