Re: Data Model for the Vote Entry Station

From: David Mertz <voting-project_at_gnosis_dot_cx>
Date: Sun Apr 18 2004 - 23:01:29 CDT

> Here's my submission for the Data Model for the Vote Entry Station
> (VES).

There is considerable overlap between your data model, and EVM2003's
(preliminary) raw-ballot XML format. See a current version (with demo
data) at:

I believe your model would be most useful as an enhancement of that XML
format, and explicit documentation of the implied DTD. Your various
descriptive annotations could be included as comments within a DTD; a
sample expanded XML with your additional fields would be useful to

Adding additional element names to the referenced document will,
happily, not effect the import of the election data by EVM2003
components (because of the way gnosis.xml.objectify works). However,
if you think it necessary to change the attributes of <contest> tags,
or the subelements inside them, let's evaluate the requirement, since
it could bring breakage.

One issue the Data Model does not seem to address is "coupled
candidates", as in Prez/VP. I'm not really thrilled at the way the
existing XML does it, but no better alternative jumped out during demo

Please redirect followups on this topic to OVC-Demo-Team. This is a
more technical question than we should continue on the general
Voting-Project list.
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