Re: Not your ordinary barcode

From: David Mertz <voting-project_at_gnosis_dot_cx>
Date: Sun Apr 18 2004 - 20:16:44 CDT

On Apr 18, 2004, at 8:37 PM, Lou Montulli wrote:
> I am another member that has a strong fondness for getting rid of
> barcodes. To that end I have been helping to develop an open source
> software solution for doing ballot reading based on OCR. There are
> three students at the University of Nevada working on it right now:

This looks good Lou, quite likely of possible reuse by OVC. A few

(1) Is your project producing Free Software, so that we could reuse
your code? (if we decide we want to).

(2) Your referenced website uses somewhat self-contradictory phrases
like "DRE with paper records." I think many people have conflated DREs
with touch screens, but the issue of how results are recorded is mostly
independent of how they are collected. While I like OVC better than
Sequoia's VVR, it does seem like Sequoia's is NOT a DRE (btw. you
misspell Sequoia sometimes).

(3) If you/we are in a position to control the layout of ballots,
adding registration marks can make it easier to identify the exact
meaning (and expected fonts, etc) in each page position. Even a couple
guides can automate page alignment.
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