Re: Not your ordinary barcode

From: Lou Montulli <lou_at_montulli_dot_org>
Date: Sun Apr 18 2004 - 19:37:23 CDT

> All that said, some members--including me--have expressed a fondness
> for eliminating barcodes, and making the BVA stations be OCR machines
> (that only need to recognize one particular font and layout). The
> system requirements for this scheme are somewhat higher, but in
> principle this could also maintain vote anonymity for vision-impaired
> voters (they could perhaps determine the orientation of pages with a
> notch on the page, and insert the ballot into the page scanner with
> appropriate orientation). If the blind voter scans/vocalizes their
> whole ballot page behind a curtain, they still prevent other people
> from determining her votes. All of this is in the list archive, of
> course.
> Yours, David...

I am another member that has a strong fondness for getting rid of
barcodes. To that end I have been helping to develop an open source
software solution for doing ballot reading based on OCR. There are
three students at the University of Nevada working on it right now:
They will probably not have a completely usable system when they are
done, but it will be a great prototype and will demonstrate the
capabilities of the model. Perhaps this summer there will be a formal
grant proposal for some government funding to make a more robust usable

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