Re: Significantly More On-Topic

From: David Mertz <voting-project_at_gnosis_dot_cx>
Date: Sat Apr 17 2004 - 19:11:15 CDT

My feeling is that this thread should move over to the OVC-Demo-Team
list. It's basically about technical design/testing issues, and so
that list is more appropriate.

> (1) a series of short python scripts that test the python core and any
> libraries we're include-ing.

How would this differ from Python's own test suite? Or those of support
libraries, where they exist? (for a recent article at IBM dW on unit
testing, I actually just enhanced the test suite for
gnosis.xml.objectify, which EVM2003 uses in various places). Certainly
there are things not tested by those existing tests, but how
specifically would custom regression tests find a special nefarious
backdoor (versus merely testing for general correct functionality)?

I don't mean the questions rhetorically. There may well be specific
things we feel need to be tested for OVC purposes.

>> (2) a couple of shell scripts to resolve dynamic symbols in the python
>> core and said python libs, and produce a list of dynamic link
>> libraries
>> and specific functions therein to analyze.

I think it is even simpler than this, in a way. Ideally, we'll move to
a stripped down EVMix live-CD, and it will be easy to know that a
library is never used by the simple fact it's not ON the CD.

>> (3) a series of small c programs that test the various functions
>> contained in the dynamic link libraries we're linked against.

Oh well, this is true enough for C-level libraries. Most Python
libraries are probably themselves pure-Python, so the tests can be done
at that level. If we keep using Qt, however, we have a pretty big job
to test all the linked in functionality for PyQt (Qt is quite huge).
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