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The use of CD-R's allows the software and the votes to be maintained
on one small device for any further analysis needed. Disk imaging
doesn't maintain the same level of auditability.

National Semi used to produce the Geode (computer on a chip
processor) chip, but they abandoned that market. I think we do not
want to tied to any one vendor, but try to be as commodity as

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At 1:12 PM -0400 4/16/04, Popkin, Laird (WMG Corp) wrote:
>I'd think that it might make sense to use a tablet computer and bolt
>it to the table securely. It can't boot from a CD-ROM then (no
>drives in tablet computers) but they could all be disk imaged with
>the same image. And I'm sure that the tablet computer vendors would
>love to find a new market for the devices -- they're not selling too
>well. And since they're general purpose devices, the local
>gov't/schools could get tablets to play with/work on most of the
>year, then stick in an OVC ROM card or something and run the
>Perhaps we could get one or more of them on board as a way of
>generating a new sales channel? A few of them (National
>Semiconductor, for example) are pretty Linux-friendly.
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