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True, tablets are smaller. Assuming the same text size, that would mean that
for some elections people would have to use multi-screen ballots when they
could have use a larger single screen ballot. That doesn't seem prohibitive
to me -- or am I missing something?

I agree that booting from a CD is important, which is why I mentioned it as
a drawback of using an off-the-shelf tablet PC. Admittedly it's easy to add
an external CD-ROM drive, so perhaps it's not so much of an issue. All of
the connections to external components (CD-ROM drive, printer) would have to
be secured, of course, but that could be a simple matter of putting it all
in a locked enclosure with the touchscreen exposed. Actually, most kiosks
are built by taking an off-the-shelf laptop and bolting it into an enclosure
like that...

- LP
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On Apr 16, 2004, at 1:12 PM, Popkin, Laird (WMG Corp) wrote:
> I'd think that it might make sense to use a tablet computer and bolt
> it to the table securely. It can't boot from a CD-ROM then

I've never seen a tablet computer with a 17+" screeen. Small screens
are not acceptable.

Moreover, booting from a verifiable CD will probably be of extremely
high importance.

A more likely arrangement is a small form-factor PC mounted near a
large flat panel.

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