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I'd think that it might make sense to use a tablet computer and bolt it to
the table securely. It can't boot from a CD-ROM then (no drives in tablet
computers) but they could all be disk imaged with the same image. And I'm
sure that the tablet computer vendors would love to find a new market for
the devices -- they're not selling too well. And since they're general
purpose devices, the local gov't/schools could get tablets to play with/work
on most of the year, then stick in an OVC ROM card or something and run the

Perhaps we could get one or more of them on board as a way of generating a
new sales channel? A few of them (National Semiconductor, for example) are
pretty Linux-friendly.

- LP

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> On Apr 15, 2004, at 1:27 PM, Alan Dechert wrote:
> > For example, for the voting booth we are thinking of using a table on
> > which the flat panel display would lay horizontal--in a shallow box to
> > hold it. The PC would be in a cage fixed underneath the table. I am
> > told such tables are commercially available, although I haven't
> > researched this.
> Many counties would consider this too great an investment! They'd want
> a
> way to run the thing with whatever folding tables they could rent from
> the local rental store, or to run the thing using the tables already
> at the polling place, if it's a gym or school.
One possible model for delivery of the OVC voting station would be to have
the vendor rent everything needed--including the table--to the county.

I don't really know, but my gut feeling is that it will never make sense for
counties to buy commodity components and dedicate them as voting equipment.
Renting will be the way to go. Still, we have to look at the numbers.
That's why our study proposals include an economic analysis.

> The Avante DRE/paper-trail machine is an off-the-shelf HP laptop and
> printer packaged inside an enclosure.
For how much? $5,500? Pretty expensive way to get the cheapest table

Alan D.

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