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From: Steve Chessin <steve_dot_chessin_at_sun_dot_com>
Date: Thu Apr 15 2004 - 17:43:51 CDT

>From Thu Apr 15 12:52:18 2004
>From: David Mertz <>
>Subject: Re: [voting-project] Left off the ballot?
>Date: Thu, 15 Apr 2004 15:52:06 -0400

>However, an insider vote buying attack need not rely on this (my prior
>discussion is in the list archive). The most obvious way to arrange a
>tip-off is with a unique write-in vote value. But even if that one is
>masked somehow, ranked-order contests provide a *whole lot* of possible
>options, even without knowing the order in which ranks are

As a supporter of ranked-order contests (Intant Runoff Voting and the
Choice Voting/STV form of proportional representation), I recognize
that hazard and assert that the advantages of IRV (majority winner in a
single election; no spoilers and no runoffs) and PR (majority rule with
fair representation for electoral minorities) outweigh the danger of
that potential risk.

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