RE: write-ins

From: Arnold Urken <aurken_at_stevens_dot_edu>
Date: Thu Apr 15 2004 - 16:02:51 CDT


Your comment about write-in ballots raises a question that was discussed
a few months ago, but is relevant to being left off the ballot. If Jeff
writes in Bruce Willis for governor and I vote minutes after Jeff, why
isn't the ballot updated to include Bruce Willis on my ballot as a
choice? I suppose this is technically possible, but I have never heard
of it. This practice would be particularly interesting when voters are
allowed to rank-order the choices or rate them using approval voting.


Jeff wrote:

....I grew up in Idaho, where the first major election I
voted in (had a couple city council and school bond votes beforehand)
the 1990 gubernatorial race, where I wrote-in (quite literally) "Bruce
Willis" as a subtle form of protest to the great Cecil Andrus signing
the increased drinking age. Write-ins there were VERY common -- there
were no filing requirements at all -- and the punch-card ballots were
dropped in the box inside manila sleeves that actually had lines to
write-ins with the races where you punched the "write-in" box. Some
write-in candidates in Idaho even passed out preprinted labels to stick
the write-in sleeve when voting to make sure you specified the name and
contest correctly.


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